How to turn off lost phone

How to turn off lost phone

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There are a few ways to recover a lost iOS backup password. It can be done with a settings reset (which won't delete your data!), from a paired machine's keychain, or with an iCloud backup. Read on for more details, and some tips on remembering lost passwords.

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By default, when an email is sent from your iPhone, a “Sent from my iPhone” signature will be added to your message. To edit this follow these easy steps: From your iPhone home screen go to the Settings menu. Tap on Mail. Select Signature. There, modify the signature for all mail accounts you have set up, or on a per-account-basis. I lost my phone on 6-10-2010 my ringer was off and I walked around for 6 hours and could not find any trace of my phone. today i’m going to file a police report because I know the phone is off right now. Please help me!!!!! The phone # is [phone number redacted] Please help me!!!!! & any suggestions

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Oct 03, 2012 · Also—and the paranoid should probably skip to the next paragraph—after Lost Mode is turned on, you can use to watch the progress of your phone as it travels from place to place. Spooky. 5. Choose the device to be put into Lost Mode. 6. Click the padlock radar button marked Lost Mode (pictured above). 7. Follow the on-screen instructions. The iPhone will be tracked, locked down, and the custom message and phone number you entered will be displayed on the device's screen until Lost Mode is cancelled.

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