Tmc2208 missing steps

Tmc2208 missing steps

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Oct 11, 2020 · 32-bit board with TMC2208 silent steper drivers. The Ortur Obsidian comes with a proprietary Ortur 6.1 32-bit board with TMC2208 silent stepper drivers. As I previously mentioned, it only includes four stepper drivers which are soldered to the board, so there’s no way to upgrade it in the future. 3D printer came DAMAGED :( It was packaged with the platform on the main aluminum profile rail and the wheels smashed the profile rail so now when the platform moves and pass the damaged part there is a bump that makes no possible to get good prints.

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Here are the steps to get the CTC 3D printer working straight out of the box: 1) Unbox the machine, watch out for loose nuts and bolts. 2) You are provided a hex-wrench. Use it to check all the nuts and bolts on the machine - tighten any that are loose. But do not over-tighten, you'll split the plywood with the nut. The joint should be just firm. 40 * the bleeding-edge source code, but sometimes this is not enough. This check

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If you go to 1/4 stepping you reduce the resolution of your machine. Typical belt axis would go from 80 steps per mm to 20, a bit low for CNC machines. I was having weird shifting issues like my steppers were missing 1 or 2 steps here and there, nothing terrible but obvious on close inspection.I'm using TMC2208 stepper drivers with 1/256th steps ... nearly silent running with first tests. However, I don't mind the Cubify interface. You and I must be using different software :) I could never get the fine tuning I wanted with 3D System's software. In fact I got more bad prints from poor slicing issues than good prints.

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