Zabbix host ip

Zabbix host ip

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The host keyword matches all the connections that are coming from TCP/IP (this includes the SSL and non-SSL connections) followed by the database name (zabbix_db), the username (zabbix), the network and mask of all the hosts that are allowed, and the authentication method (in our case md5).

Puppet master automatically installs the Zabbix local agents on each server and reports the data via SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol - A protocol for gathering and organizing information about devices in IP networks, and changing devices behavior. to the Zabbix server. To access the Zabbix monitoring and see the data: In your browser ...

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Zabbix server is the central process of Zabbix software. Zabbix server can be started by executing: shell> cd sbin shell> ./zabbix_server. Zabbix server runs as a daemon process. Zabbix server accepts the following command line parameters: Sep 11, 2019 · mysql -u user_name -h mysql_server_ip -p. Where user_name is the name of the user you granted access to and mysql_server_ip is the IP address of the host where the MySQL server runs. If everything is setup up correctly, you will be able to login to the remote MySQL server.

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See full list on Mar 03, 2019 · hosts = self.zabbix.hostinterface.get(filter={'ip': ec2_internal_ip}) # or disable host from zabbix hostname: else: hosts ={"name": ["*{}".format(self.ec2_instance_id.replace('i-',''))]}, searchWildcardsEnabled=True) for host in hosts: update_host = {'hostid': host['hostid'], 'status': 1}'Disabling host {} ({}) Zabbix'.format(self.ec2_instance_id, ec2_internal_ip)) return True: else:

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